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The Voice Over Startup Guide: 2022 Edition



Startup Guide

I know what it’s like when you want to setup as a Voice Over, everyone wants a slice of the action from your bank account and good gear costs a pretty tidy sum.

There’s a LOT of lies and bad advice out there like “anyone can do it” and “all you need is a USB mic, Audacity, a dog clicker and a Fiverr account”, that’s harmful to people’s careers and to Voice Buyers.

You need some skills, weapons grade empathy, a business mindset and some starting capital: that’d really help if you want to buy gear that producers and Voice Buyers take seriously.

I wonder how many hit the back button when they saw the words “You need some skills”, you need some thick skinned determination too I’m afraid.

That’s the bitter truth of the medicine, if you’d like a spoonful of sugar to help it go down keep scrolling as you could WIN a seriously sweet sounding studio setup!

Win a Starter Studio Setup

Win a Røde NT-1 Kit, Focusrite Scarlett Solo and AKG K371 Headphones

My VO Guide doesn’t recommend starting with anything less than a Røde NT-1 and Focusrite Scarlett Solo as that’s the very least your Voice Buyers deserve.

In order to celebrate the launch of the book in January 2022 I’m putting my money where your mouth is by giving you the chance to win a perfect starting setup.

One aspiring Voice Over will get a career kickstarting studio setup for free.

All the winner needs is silence and skills! Oh yeah, and some luck…

Rode NT-1 Studio Kit
Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface
AKG K617 headphones


  1. I Hear Voices

  2. It’s not even about your voice

  3. The Sound of Silence

  4. The Recording Environment

  5. Acoustics

  6. Recording Equipment

  7. Digital Audio Workstations

  8. Coaching

  9. Demo Production

  10. Rates

  11. Branding

  12. Marketing

  13. Marketplace

  14. Websites and E-Commerce

  15. Live Session Direction

  16. Best Practices

  17. Tips from Talent

  18. Final Thoughts

  19. Resources

Myth Busting Common Sense with NO UPSELL

What do you really need to know before you spend anything on your brand new Voice Over Business? There’s a lot of information out there, some of it is terrible and much of the time it just seems folks are out to sell courses!

My digital book is a totally free common sense antidote to some of the nonsense going around, some of which is harmful to people’s careers and bank balances, I hope it helps aspiring talents make smarter choices about their recording environment, equipment, coaches and business strategies.

I have nothing to sell other than my Voice and I’m not market ready yet. It’s me who is saying that, not a coach.

If you’d like to buy a physical version when they’re released that’d be great but the online guide is 100% free and doesn’t even contain any Amazon affiliate links: my recommendations are genuine, not because Jeff Bezos offers to pay me a tiny commission.

No ‘Secrets’, No ‘Masterclasses’, No BS

  • Foam is only soundproof against the farts of flies

  • Glue isn’t soundproofed, no matter what shade it is

  • That $97 course being sold on YouTube probably ain’t worth 97¢

  • Your Voice really isn’t important but the quality of your silence is!

  • Some microphones and products are jokes that burn cash

  • USB microphones are only any good if you’re a BIG name

  • Some Voice Over Coaches are really just master marketeers

  • Finding a Voice Over Coach is like swimming with sharks, jellyfish and turds

  • Where to better spend your cash on Voice Acting training

  • How (cough) much for a demo?

  • Techie stuff explained for non-techies: WTH are sample-rate and bit-depth?

  • To be, with union and agent, or without, that is the question

  • Why low balling marketplaces are no good for anyone

  • Social media is where people spend TIME not MONEY

  • Why marketing matters more than your microphone

  • and so very much more…

Aspire Higher than Fiverr

The World Voices Organisation communicates the importance of voice acting to the public and business leaders, affirm the power of professional quality voicing and recording, and inspire through articles and recognition of achievement and excellence. They represent and advocate for the profession and stimulate discussion of the industry through events, social media and websites.

Their mission is to inform and educate members of the voiceover community and other business professionals about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise as it relates to the voiceover industry.

Win Your First Studio Setup

For your chance to win an ideal Studio Setup to start your VO Career join the notification list for my book.

This is a great little setup and it could be yours:

Røde NT-1 Microphone Kit: a great sounding microphone that producers and Voice Buyers respect, it comes with a pop-filter to prevent those pesky plosives, a shock mount cradle and the cable to connect it to the next link in your audio chain.

Popping plosives can be prevented by performance practices, want to know more? There’s a free book for that…

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface: an industry recognised and respected bit of hardware, this interface powers the careers of thousands of working Voice Talents around the globe.

AKG K371 Monitor Headphones: these headphones are gaining momentum among Voice Actors as they’ve a neutral sound so you don’t get misperceived into thinking you need to apply loads of EQ to your audio tracks.

Win Your First Studio Setup

For your chance to win an ideal Studio Setup to start your VO Career join the notification list for my book.

I promise to only email a link to download the book on Monday 3rd January, the winner will be notified the same day.

No spam. No junk emails. No sales nonsense. No affiliate links. Ever.

Stay subscribed for further updates, and any corrections after the book is released.

If you are an established Voice Artist please select “No thank you” to the competition entry so that a new talent is setup as the winner. Thanks.

Working Voices

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What three things should all aspiring talent know?

What are your biggest mistakes?

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Studio Goes ‘Live’ January 2022

IVR Systems : Radio Imaging : Documentary Narration

Live Session Direction Available

Neumann TLM 103

Low Floor

Universal Audio Apollo Solo

Double Walled Session Booth

Source Connect Standard

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